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Film footage was taken of this event and later analysed by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, an Optical Physicist for the Surface Weapons Division of the US Navy. His conclusion was that "there is an object out there, 70,000 feet away. It isn't one of ours. It's about 30 feet in size. A genuine UFO." (20) Dr. Michael Wolf, author of The Catchers of Heaven, a book published as 'a work of fiction' in order to get round the secrecy laws, served during Vietnam as an Air Force Colonel, pilot and flight surgeon, and as an I-Corps intelligence officer for the CIA and NSA. He gained a MD in neurology, a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, a Sc.D in computer science, a JD in law, and MS in electromagnetic influences on organisms and a BS in biogenetics. From 1972-1977 Dr. Wolf was engaged in covert governmental research into alien technology. He decided to go public on finding out that he had a degenerating spinal condition, and had no fear of his family suffering any repercussions as both his wife and son had died in a car crash in 1984 in what has been described as an act of sabotage. Wolf claims: "Some in the government want better diplomatic relations [with the ETs] but others in the military wasn't to shoot them down." This is ironic, Wolf stated, "because SDI [Star Wars] technology was given to the government by ETs." He claims laboratories where he has worked include:

S-4 (near the north-east corner of the Nevada Test range.

Area 51 (as Team Leader);

The Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB

The former Dulce Laboratory near the New Mexico-Colorado border.

Wolf claims that there are also extra-terrestrials working with Government scientists at Haystack Air Force Laboratory deep under Haystack Butte at Edwards Air Force Base California but refuses to discuss allegations of a complex at Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field adjacent to the Nevada Test Site. Since 1979 Wolf claims to have served as a scientific consultant to Presidents and the National Security Council on extraterrestrial matters. He also claims to be a member of the NSC's unacknowledged UFO information management sub-committee-s panel of scientists (MJ-12). Wolf also claims MJ-12 made him the Chairman of the Alphacom Team, its premier extraterrestrial-matters group which also includes an admiral from naval Intelligence. Wolf notes that the generals he worked with feel impotent in the face of the overwhelming superiority of extraterrestrial technology and mental abilities. Because of their feelings of powerlessness, the generals authorised an intense and extensive disinformation campaign to discourage any attempts by civilians to acquire even the limited understanding that has been acquired so far.

Furthermore, Wolf claims that a renegade group exists within military and intelligence agencies involved in the UFO cover-up. This group nicknamed the Cabal fears and hates extraterrestrials and without presidential or congressional authorisation, this group has commandeered Star Wars weaponry to shoot down UFOs and interrogate captured extraterrestrials. Wolf stated that he couldn't make a full disclosure to then President Clinton as "I can't; my [NSC] bosses won't let me." Wolf states "President Clinton does not know much about Area 51; and he does not know about S-4" the supersecret underground installation 13 miles south of Area 51 at Papoose Lake where Wolf did some of his research. Wolf states that the claims made by Lazar are essentially accurate, and whilst Lazar might have seen a "Grey-type alien out of the corner of his eye working with scientists", he "was in the white lab coat and ... was one of the scientists." (21) In an interview with researcher James Courant, Wolf was asked about communication with EBEs. He stated, "There was some ESP and there was some effort to try to form the words, but as it became difficult to form the words ... I mean, it's like going into a rain forest and discovering a new tribe that has never had contact with the human race before. Their cosmology, their principles, their culture is based on ... is completely and dynamically different than ours." (22) Wolf was asked to explain how the aliens apparently travel millions of light years without incident, yet some allegedly crashed on entering Earth's atmosphere. He replied, "Most of their trips are made to planets where the weather is controlled. On this planet we are not evolved sufficiently, technologically to control weather with ... weather grids ... We have wind-shear, we have the jetstream, we have sudden hurricanes and tornadoes and really ... really weather conditions that can change moment to moment, and if you're riding on gravity A and B waves, you're kind of on a cork on the oceans almost." (23)

That information regarding alien technology is becoming more widely available in the public domain from official sources is demonstrated by a reply made by Admiral Bob Inman, former Director of Naval Intelligence, National Security Agency, and deputy Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency and the CIA when in conversation with Bob Oechsler in 1989. Inman was asked "Do you anticipate that any of the recovered vehicles would ever become available for technological research, outside of the military circles?" Inman replied "I honestly don't know. Ten years ago the answer would have been no. Whether as time has evolved they are beginning to become more open on it, it's a possibility (24)." Inman retired from governmental work in 1982 to become President of SAIC (Scientific Applications International Corporation). Based in San Diego, this corporation was involved in research into gravitational propulsion systems, exactly the same area of work as Bob Lazar at Area 51.

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