Appendix I: STS-48 UFOs



This last piece of information, is of particular interest for, according to a report in the UK's Mail On Sunday, NASA has deployed a new 'beam' weapon which is apparently designed to 'zap' space-junk. This weapon, which NASA refers to as a 'ray gun' is at the time of writing targeted on the construction of the international space station, high above the Earth. NASA claims that the gun is there to protect both the astronauts and the station from being bombarded with "thousands of pieces of space debris", ranging from screwdrivers dropped by astronauts to small meteorites. NASA has denied that the gun has been deployed as a precaution against 'attack' (31). Similar events were evident in the December 1996 mission of the space shuttle Columbia (STS-80). Shortly after touchdown, rumours began circulating that objects had been observed on the NASA TV downlink during the flight. The objects were apparently similar, if not the same to those that had been observed on the STS-48 mission and researched by Jack Kasher. Video footage from this mission shows Columbia 220 miles above the Earth on 1st December 1996. As the craft traverses Indonesia, lightening can be seen between the clouds and a number of anomalous objects can be seen coming out from the clouds and into space.

"There is one predominate object as others appear and go everywhere. Objects cruising below the clouds, rising up from the clouds, spheres of light changing shape and colour, 'streaks' or 'rods' of light cruising very closely by the camera. UFOs travelling thousands of mph in orbit, objects entering the Earth's atmosphere from space. The main one becomes a large white sphere, doubling in size. The object had entered view from space and then stops moving somewhere under the altitude of the shuttle (220 miles above the Earth). It remains there for some time before transforming its appearance again. At this point, it seems to get smaller on video and begins its return into outer space. Then the main object changes shape and becomes a white dot, surrounded by an energy ball. Sometimes this white object slightly flashes colours of orange and green.


"As the main target stops and remains stationary, a very large sphere is seen moving from underneath the clouds. As this object under the clouds moves by, one of the many streaks or rods flashes by. After you think there couldn't be any more than this, a huge white mass emerges from the clouds. This new object is larger than the predominate one, is white and appears to be miles under it. This new object has a black spot in the middle of it that has a good likeness to an image from Gulf Breeze, Florida. If this huge white object has indeed risen up from the cloud's altitude, that would make it over 175 miles away from the camera taping it, meaning it would be over a mile long, and not just a lens flare or an optical aberration. Just as you think there couldn't be anymore to this video, yet more things happen! Somebody is watching the main target as it leaves and gets smaller. The camera is stationed in the cargo bay of the Shuttle and seems to have a robotic control. The person watching this steers the camera in on a triangle of objects to see what's going on and finally zooms in on them, meaning this time (as was not the case on the STS-48 footage), someone was definitely watching all the action, following it with the camera system." Whatever these things were, they certainly didn't behave like any known natural phenomenon. Of course, if they were intelligently controlled and did not originate from planet Earth, then by definition they must have come from elsewhere. And the Moon has been suggested as a possible staging post for their travels.

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The following 'proofs' are used as evidence by Jack Kasher, PhD that the objects observed in the NASA footage are not ice-particles, but are intelligently controlled craft:

i) The main object at the beginning of the flash waits one half-second before it accelerates. Moreover, the force that stops the main object is directed towards the shuttle from outer space.

ii) The lines of motion of the two main objects, when traced back, do not meet at a point, which would be the location of the attitude adjuster rocket.

iii) The rocket exhaust velocity as calculated from the distance and time to reach the main object would be almost 130 feet/second. The actual exhaust velocity is about 8450 feet/second.

iv) The final velocity of the main object should be about 98% of the actual exhaust velocity, or about 8300 feet/second. Instead it would be 5.5 feet/second if its velocity vector is to point back to the Vernier rocket. These numbers do not fit with the 130 feet/second.

v) For the main object to have a velocity of 8300 feet/second it would have to be more than 22 miles from the shuttle. In addition the adjuster rocket would have to be nearly 15 miles from the shuttle.

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