U Boat Sightings in Antarctica


U Boat Sightings in Antarctica

The following lists all the U-boats that disappeared during the Second World War for which there is no explanation available (the fate of all other U-boats is meticulously recorded). It is possible that new data may become available to account for these 'disappearances, and it certainly should not be assumed that these submarines all made their way to Antarctica. Where a possible explanation has been suggested, this is recorded.

U-22 23.03.40 Jammer Bay Possibly lost by mine. U-54 20.02.40 North Sea Possibly lost by mine. U-122 22.06.40 Baby of Biscay U-104 28.11.40 North-west of Ireland Possibly lost by mine. U-47 07.03.41 North Atlantic U-206 29.11.41 Bay of Biscay Possibly lost by mine. U-578 06.08.42 Bay of Biscay U-116 .10.42 North Atlantic U-184 21.11.42 North Atlantic U-337 03.01.43 North Atlantic U-553 .01.43 North Atlantic Presumed sunk. U-519 31.01.43 Bay of Biscay U-529 12.02.43 North Atlantic U-376 13.04.43 Bay of Biscay U-209 07.05.43 North Atlantic U-381 21.05.43 South Greenland U-647 22.07.43 North of Shetlands Possibly lost by mine U-84 26.08.43 North Atlantic U-669 08.09.43 Bay of Biscay U-338 20.09.43 North Atlantic U-420 20.10.43 North Atlantic U-86 14.12.43 North Atlantic U-364 31.01.44 Bay of Biscay U-666 10.02.44 North Atlantic U-851 27.03.44 North Atlantic Presumed sunk. U-335 04.04.44 Arctic Sea U-455 06.04.44 Ligurian Sea U-193 23.04.44 Bay of Biscay U-240 17.05.44 Off Norway U-740 06.06.44 English Channel U-1191 12.06.44 English Channel U-743 21.08.44 North Atlantic U-180 23.08.44 Bay of Biscay U-925 24.08.44 North Atlantic U-865 09.09.44 Norway U-703 16.09.44 Iceland U-921 02.10.44 Norway U-479 15.11.44 Finland U-196 01.12.44 South of Java Possible accident. U-482 .12.44 North Sea Possibly lost by mine. U-650 09.12.44 North Atlantic U-1020 31.12.44 North Sea U-297 03.01.45 North Atlantic U-745 30.01.45 Finland Possibly lost by mine. U-327 30.01.45 North Atlantic U-683 20.02.45 North Atlantic U-296 12.03.45 North Channel Possibly lost by mine. U-1055 23.03.45 North Atlantic U-246 05.04.45 Not known. U-325 07.04.45 North Atlantic U-398 17.04.45 North Atlantic U-857 .04.45 North Atlantic U-396 .04.45 Not known

The following lists all the U-boats that were sunk in the South Atlantic during the Second World War.

U-179 08.10.42 U-199 31.07.43 U-164 06.01.43 U-604 11.08.43 U-507 13.01.43 U-161 27.09.43 U-128 17.05.43 U-848 05.11.43 U-513 19.07.43 U-849 25.11.43 U-598 23.07.43 U-860 15.06.44 U-591 30.07.43 U-863 29.09.44

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